Team Detox: Reset & Renew as a Group

How many of your patients complain of fatigue and lack of energy? These symptoms may be indicators that your patients might benefit from a metabolic detoxification program. Metabolic detoxification is the body’s natural ability to metabolize, neutralize, and excrete potentially harmful substances while temporarily reducing incoming potentially harmful chemicals or pollutants. A metabolic detox program supports this natural process when the body is unable to keep up with its toxic load.

Why detox?

It’s not just a fad. Metabolic detoxification supports liver function and can help patients shift poor dietary habits, and since they may feel an immediate difference, it can help improve compliance.

Setting up a group detox connects patients with similar needs and desired outcomes, and it may benefit the practitioner as well: Since group sessions allow for cost sharing, it’s more affordable for the patients, which can inspire more patients to participate.

Get started

You can determine which patients will benefit most from a detox by having them respond to a detox screening questionnaire. This could be used as a subjective review of the patient’s systems along with your physical examination to determine to what extent detoxification support may help and the ideal duration of detoxification. You’ll also be able to use the responses as a baseline to evaluate progress following the detox protocol.

Based on the number of patients who express interest in learning more, set a date and location for your presentation. Create a flier to hand to patients or leave at your front desk. Print out a sign-up sheet for patients to register immediately before or after a clinic visit. Promote the session on your social media and sharing sites. Suggest that your patients invite their spouses or friends if they feel they would be interested or may be good candidates. As an incentive, you might consider waiving the registration fee for patient partners.

Finally, order enough detox kits to have on hand for purchase based on the number of attendees who register. Remember, people will be more likely to participate in the group detox if they can start quickly and don’t have time for their excitement to wane.

Create your presentation

As you pull your presentation together, there are several elements that should be included:

  • Why detox? Share with your group the prevalence of toxins in our food as well as in our everyday environment and how they adversely affect our health and vitality.
  • How it works. The body is designed to eliminate toxins, but it can’t necessarily keep up with the amount today’s environment inflicts upon us. Stress the importance of all three phases of detox, including Phase 3: the elimination phase for heavy metal excretion.
  • Elimination diet. Explain why eliminating certain foods is necessary for the process. These foods include common allergenic foods and beverages containing corn, soy, wheat/gluten, etc. It’s important to note that patients should not be hungry while on the program; this isn’t a fast. Encourage eating as much of the allowed foods as desired.
  • Nutritional support. While going through detox, your patients will be consuming high-quality protein and carbohydrates with highly bioavailable vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.
  • Reintroduction of foods. In the final phase of the process, patients will begin to reintroduce foods while decreasing the servings of detox powder & phytonutrient supplement that helped to support balanced detoxification.
  • Possible issues encountered. Muscle aches are a common complaint as a result of coffee elimination. Consider recommending additional magnesium to counteract this issue. In addition, a fiber supplement can be recommended for those who need extra support.

After the event

Create a group email list or a social media site where patients can regularly “check in” with you (and one another) for added support during the detox process. This added social support and encouragement is helpful for successful outcomes. Follow up with patients several times during the process as well as afterward to get feedback on their progress and to get feedback for future group detox events.

Additional event tips

In addition to guidance provided throughout this post, here are a few additional tips to help you and your patients get the most out of the event:

  • Need a larger space than your waiting room? Many local libraries or houses of worship will rent out their meeting or multipurpose rooms for a nominal fee.
  • Send a reminder email three days before the event.
  • Have a portable way to charge credit cards on hand in case you have additional walk-in guests. Many companies can provide you with a swiping or chip-reading device that attaches to a cell phone or tablet.
  • Have a patient who would be willing to share his or her experience and outcomes of a previous detox program? Telling patient success stories creates additional emotional engagement for your audience.
  • Healthy snacks and refreshments are always appreciated!
  • If your presentation includes a PowerPoint, rent a digital projector to make sure everyone can see.

Ready to get your group detox started? Follow these guidelines to help ensure it’s a success!

Submitted by the Metagenics Marketing Team

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