Easy, Creative Air Fresheners You Can Make at Home

When you walk into a home, one of the first things you notice is the smell, and whether it’s good or bad, it makes a strong impression. Everyone wants their home to smell lovely, especially when they have guests, but it’s not always easy to keep that up. And when you have kids, pets, or a particularly busy schedule, it’s even more of a challenge.

It may be tempting to reach for those convenient aerosol spray cans when you need to get rid of odors in a pinch. Unfortunately, many store-bought air fresheners contain potentially harmful chemicals and fill your space with artificial smells that only mimic the beauty nature has to offer. When it comes to your health (and possibly your budget), this is certainly not the best option.

Thankfully, there are many creative solutions. Here are 10 great ways to create your own home air fresheners using simple ingredients!

  1. Essential oils go a long way, and with a variety of beautiful scents to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Flowery smells like jasmine and rose or earthy smells like sandalwood and frankincense fill your home with just a few drops. All you need is a diffuser (electric, candle, or reed) and some water. Opting for electric or reed is a great way to add constant freshness to any room without having to look out for a burning candle.
  2. Essential oil sprays. Essential oils are handy for many things. Add a combination of your favorite oils (15-20 drops total) into a spray bottle filled with ¾ cup water and 2 Tbsp. alcohol (rubbing, vodka, or vanilla extract) to create your very own air freshener spray. Remember, all essential oils are not created equal, and they are best stored in dark glass bottles. Make sure you purchase organic whenever possible and opt for a glass spray bottle to keep your oils fresh. If you do use plastic, stay away from thin, cheap plastic, and make sure it’s BPA-free!
  3. Orange peel candles. Cut an orange in half, cut around edges with a knife, scoop out the inside (to eat or save for another use), and be careful not to cut off the inside stem. Once it’s clean, fill ¾ of the way with either canola, vegetable, or olive oil. After letting the oil sit for about 45 minutes, try lighting the white orange stem with a candle lighter. This may take a few minutes and maybe more than one attempt, but it’s worth it! Once you get a flame, sit back and enjoy.
  4. Scented wood blocks. This one is super easy. Once you have your wood blocks, coat them with scented oil using a paintbrush (again, essential oils will work well here). Then place them in a sealed container, add extra oil, toss, and set aside to allow the wood blocks to fully absorb the scent. Set out and let the aroma fill the room.
  5. Homemade potpourri. This trick brings fresh floral fragrance into your home year-round. The best flowers are the ones that keep their color and look good even when dry, like geraniums, lavender, and roses. Add in things like rose hips, pinecones, holly, and pyracantha for more color and texture. Herbs like sage and dried citrus peels also work well. To add even more fragrance, throw in a few drops of an essential oil and cover to allow the scent to seep into your arrangement.
  6. Coffee grounds. There’s a reason perfume counters keep containers of coffee grounds nearby; in between sniffing heavy perfume scents, coffee helps clear the nose. The same goes for clearing your home of powerful, lingering odors like fish, onion, or garlic. The next time an offensive odor invades your home, try setting out bowls of freshly ground coffee beans to clear the air.
  7. Fresh flowers & herbs. Not only are they visually appealing, flower and herb arrangements smell amazing, too. Try creating your very own centerpiece with freshly cut herbs and flowers, like lavender, geranium, and rosemary, and place in a small vase. You may want to mix and match different combinations to find the one that suits your unique taste.
  8. Simmer pot. Combine citrus fruits like lemon or orange with fresh herbs and/or drops of essential oil in a stockpot and simmer slowly. This will fill your whole house with a pleasant aroma, and it’s easily achieved using items you may already have in your home.
  9. This is the greenest option of all. Certain plants—like ivy, palm trees, or peace lily—purify the air in your home and reduce pollutants that cause stinky smells. And because they easily add style and beauty to your home, they’re a win-win.
  10. Baking soda. Baking soda wins again! With its many uses, baking soda is a necessary household staple that eliminates problem smells and freshens the air in your home. Use alone in an open container or add about five drops of your favorite essential oil (or a combo or two or more) and mix well to create a permeating, purifying scent.

With so many easy, effective ways to add creative fragrance to your home, you never have to buy commercial air fresheners again. Try these today and tell us what you think!


Submitted by the Metagenics Marketing Team

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