Should I Exercise on an Empty Stomach?

Not eating before an intense workout may cause lightheadedness or mild nausea. But is it ever advisable to work out on an empty stomach? Daniel Heller, MSc shares the differences among different workouts and which are safe to do without eating beforehand.

Gut Health and Sleep: How Are They Connected?

There is no doubt that sleep plays a crucial role in brain health and function, and as it turns out, the gut and the brain are basically in constant communication through the gut-brain axis. More specifically, the gut in gut-brain axis refers to the microbiome, or the collection of all microorganisms like bacteria, yeasts, and fungi that live in the intestines. The gut-brain axis is a two-way communication, so not only can those little critters in the gut influence heath, but mental and emotional state of a person can impact the microbiome.