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About Annalouise O’Connor

PhD, RD, Sr. Manager, Nutrition Science, Therapeutic Platforms Dr. O’Connor joined Metagenics in 2014. She is currently the R&D Manager for Therapeutic Platforms and Lead for Cardiometabolic and Obesity platforms. Her role involves developing formulas for targeted product solutions and programs to assist practitioners in the optimal management of their patients’ health. Her role also involves the active planning and coordinating of research to drive the science supporting Metagenics. She supports practitioners by developing educational messages and information on the scientific developments related to Metagenics products and also advancements within the scientific community. Annalouise trained as an RD and worked in the clinical and public health settings. Annalouise completed a PhD in the Nutrigenomics Research Group at University College Dublin (Ireland), and then postdoctoral work at the UNC Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute.