Probiotics Facts & Myths

The use of probiotics has become quite widespread lately. But as is common among topics that rapidly rise in popularity, misinformation is easily spread as some companies may prey on customers’ ignorance. We think it’s time to debunk the most common myths about probiotics.

What Is Mouth-Taping, and Does It Work?

Breathing through the nose while sleeping has numerous health benefits, but “mouth-breathers” may find it a tough habit to break. Enter mouth-taping, a simple option to help start breathing through the nose while sleeping. This post shares how and why.

When Should We Take Supplements?

In a perfect world, we would garner all the vitamins and nutritional minerals we need from the foods we eat. Yet, in reality, that’s rarely the case. In this post, Robert Silverman, DC shares five instances in which he recommends leveraging the power of supplements.

Sexual Side Effects of Aging

Our bodies change as we age—as hard as we might fight it. For women who want to maintain a sexually active life with a partner, that may mean accommodating some physical changes. We talked to Lyra Heller, MA to learn her advice on what we can do in order to keep that libido alive.